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Archive for June, 2003

Housewarming Pictures are Online

For those that came I hope you had a very good time!! I know we enjoyed the company.
Those that couldn’t make it well you really missed a nice day but where ever you may have been hope you were safe…
Pictures are online…

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Baptism Ceremony pics are online!

Take a look at the new pics of JeanCarlo from his baptism on June 14th… Godparents are Russell Mayo and Erica Perez

By the way, JeanCarlo is following in his daddy’s footsteps, he just completed his very first paying job in the area of showbiz! He did a voice over, well baby talk & crying…go JeanCarlo you little star!

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New Pictures are Online…Finally!

Yes I know, it’s been a few months without new pictures…I’m sorry I had troubles with my server and yada yada yada…but they are up now so take a look…

The baby is teething now and weighs in at about 18 pounds these days…Everybody that sees him doesn’t believe that he was premature :)

So I should be changing the opening page in the next few days…

By the way, stay tuned for the big BBQ…I’m going to send out invitations in the mail and e-mail…We are finalizing the date and we are leaning towards July 4th weekend…If that doesn’t work well with your schedule then send me an e-mail and let me know….

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