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Archive for December, 2003

Christmas Take 2 for JeanCarlo

So JC was able to enjoy this Christmas and was with his family who loves him…He received a lot of presents and is thankful for each and every one of them…

Ok Ok, go check the pictures, they are up now!

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Pictures are fixed!

Sorry about that folks, if you see something wrong on the site don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail…

The pictures are fixed, I will be adding pictures of JeanCarlo and his new baby cousin Brianna and Cousin Brandon to the site. I will also add pictures that I have been delinquent in posting…

Merry X-mas all and to all a good night!

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More Teeth

My two top teeth are coming out. I’m feeling icky, but soon I’ll be chomping on everything in site. I’ll be eating big people food like arroz con gandule and pernil. mmmm, mmmm. I’ll eat my portion and Daddy’s. Chomp, chomp.

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New Teeth

Hi everyone. Guess what my two top teeth are coming out. The better to bite with…heheehe. These teeth make me feel icky, but soon I can start eating some of the food Mommy and Daddy eat. Like arroz con gandule. Hmmmm, mmmmm. Mommy and Daddy get ready. I’m going to chomp on everything with my new teeth.

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