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Archive for March, 2004

New Discovery

Hi everyone. You know what’s better than taking out all my toys and throwing them all over the room? Getting in the Toy Box with them. Yes now I get in my toy box and play with my toys in there. Check out my pictures. You can see how well I fit. Maybe you would like to join me in the toy box sometime.

I’m also taking more steps than before. I’m gaining my confidence and will be walking perfectly before summer. This summer mommy and daddy will have to chase me around.

Talk to everyone soon. In the meantime check out the new photos and don’t forget to check for the Easter pictures.

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Congratulations are in order

My baby cousin (Isaiah Isreal Cabrera) came to play yesterday, February 29th. Another boy in the family. He is much bigger than I was. 7 pounds 3 ounces.

Also Madrina is engaged to Mr. Larry Flowers. Madrina is getting married. Yippeee. So happy to welcome another cousin into the family. This one is fully grown. Mommy we have two new cousins in one weekend.

I grew two more teeth on the bottom. I’m taking steps to walk but am a little scared. I’m getting into all of mommy and daddy’s things. Everything I’m not suppose to touch I do. hahaha Mommy and Daddy what are you gonna do?

Stay tuned for pictures of my new baby cousin.

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