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Four Years later, what a different world…

So it’s been a very long time since I’ve updated this blog about JC.  Call me lazy or just that I’ve been enjoying my time with my boy and have forgotten to post updates about what’s he’s doing.  Well he’s in the 3rd grade now and it feels like yesterday he was in Kindergarten.  Time flies with this very active soon to be 8yr old.

…So we were in Bestbuy the other day looking at a present for Nena, shhhh, don’t tell her we got her a laptop :)  Hope she loves it!!…  Ok, back to the story, so yeah we were in Bestbuy and we come across a mac book.  JC starts to look at it and play around, we launch Safari and I tell him to check out the websites he usually looks at for games and stuff (i.e. Nick.com).  Once he’s finished, I tell him, you know you have your own website right?  He looks at me and says, “I don’t have a website, that’s impossible”.  Little did he know, I told him to type www.jeancarlo.com and to his surprise we found this site.

Now that he’s shocked and doesn’t know what to say.  I tell him I created this site for him when he was born.  We started looking at posts from his early days and reading how he has come along.  He read about his 3rd bday and says, “hey I remember my 3rd birthday”.  I wish I can’t remember my 21st let alone my 3rd but I digress.  So long story short, be on the look out for more posts in the future but since JC knows how to use the computer, he’ll be the one posting them 🙂

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