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Archive for August, 2005

Summer is almost over…

It’s time for me to go to school. So I bet you want to know what I’ve been up to this summer well, I’ve been learning how to use the bathroom to do my duties instead of what I’ve been used to for these past couple of years, in that of my diaper :(

It’s been a long summer having to remember to tell Mommy and Daddy when I need to go to the bathroom but I think I may have got it! Now i’m ready to start pre-K and be a big boy :)

This summer has been pretty fun, i’ve gone to Sesame again and the Bronx Zoo a couple of times with grandpa and Mommy. I also made some new friends and we went to the Childrens Museum…Take a look at the Picture Gallery to see my photo journal of those events.

Next month I’ll tell you how my first day at school went :)

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